Friday, August 24, 2007

felt mini book / mini album

cool felt mini book
Check out this funky felt mini book I found on flickr by sundayshere. Me likey a lot. Isn't it just so gorgeous!!

If you're thinking about giving the felt a go you may need to learn a few basic things.

The Blanket stitch - great tutorial to teach you the basic steps here.
Blanket stitch tutorial

Another Basic stitch

Have fun!!


FlipFlop Mom said...

Oh I just stumbled upon your blog looking for ideas to make a mini acrylic album for my hubby's grammies baptism... and your blog is absolutely smashing!! I LOVE IT!!!!!

Can I ask you a quick question... how do you adhere the pictures without the adhesive showing.. are there tricks....??

Saving your blog and linking it..if it's ok??

peata said...

ok. you can use vellum tape, that works ok. I hear spray adhesive works well too.
strategically placing flowers and other embellishments is a good idea.
I used some glossy accents and some creative placement of flowers on one of my albums and that worked ok too. I dabbed tiny little dots in the corners and in areas where the stamping would hide it.
Im still experimenting myself but i will let you know if i come across anything else that works

Ann said...

This is just adorable! You did a great job with this little felt album! :D

peata said...

oh my god ann! i didn't make it. I only wish i did!!! I found it on flickr!! i just read through my post and it does read a little ambiguous. it was a quickie and i didn't get around to credits. i will fix that asap.

Ann said...


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