Sunday, May 6, 2007

Birthday Girl

OMG...akw turns a big three in a few days. It is so freaky, time has just zoomed by while i wasn't looking and now all of a sudden she's 3!! She is so full of energy and life i can't keep up.
So we bought her a bike for her birthday this year. No huge party this year, Tang and i already decided that she could have a fifth and tenth and so forth...wether or not we stick to that plan though will be another story. This year however it will be dinner at nannies house. Tang will cook the cake as usual... his words not mine. We actually had a discusion about when to use cook vs bake last night. In typical man style he told me that he can say 'cook the cake' since he can't see why he should have to say bake - 'cook! bake! what's the difference!?' He'll prob continue to say cook just to annoy me. im so easy to bait.
Anyways, the bike!! We couldn't wait until weds to give akw her present and so we gave it to her yesterday. The weather was beautiful, it was the weekend and we just couldn't resist. She loves it. After a few test runs down the driveway we threw the bike + the kid in the car and cruised down to the local park for a proper test drive. All and all she did well, no stacks yet.

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