Monday, April 9, 2007

Hand bag mini album

mothers day hand bag mini album

Thinking of something to make for mothers day this year... I stumbled across some pics of a hand bag mini album i made last year and got to wondering how i made it in the first place. Hunted around a little and found a piece of paper with some dimesions and notes scribbled on it. Excellent. Half the work done for another page on scrapbook-crazy, that is once i've deciphered the scribbles.
Anyways If you want to make this cute little album you can check out my hand bag mini album instructions here. Hopefully they make sense.

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gerry said...

Hey this is great...and thanks for link it's wonderful...and well Mothers Day is approaching in a while now and everyone will be searching for that special gifts...and for some more resources and ideas you can also check out my blog on Mothers Day Wishes and enjoy all that i've posted there!!!

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