Sunday, May 6, 2007

Pregnancy Mini Album / Pregnancy Journal

I have a couple of good buddies that have just become pregnant for the first time. Since they live so far away I thought id make and snd em a pregnancy mini album to keep all the memories of their pregnancy to keep and one day share with the little bubbies when they grow up. I read some where that a woman kept a journal way back when she was pregant and didn't share her journal with her children until they were all grown up. She said it was the best time when her two daughters read through the journal - lots of tears and laughing all round. Apparently her kids were not too impressed with the names their mum had shortlisted for them if they had of turned out to be boys. My own name was going to be Jedidiah had I been a boy...nice mum. I always remember it was Blossoms dads name on the kids show 'Blossom'

Use this resource with instructions to create your own pregnancy mini album for yourself or as a gift

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