Friday, April 2, 2010

make a Cupcake Mini Album

Leslie makes this cute Sweet Angel Cupcake Mini Album.
Using old or scratched cd's create a "chain" by gluying 2" of ribbon to a cd. This can be repeated until you have 4 or 5 cd's (pages) to play with. Glue patterned paper to all the cd's covering the ribbon. Add your photos, envelopes, chipboards, flowers, rub ons, etc to album. For the top I used a 5" foam ball. I punched 1" circles and glued to ball, then added ball to a 5" circle covered with a doilie. For the base I used a cd case. I trimmed the case with paper and added chipboard, rub ons, flower and bling. At the top of the cupcake add layers of flowers and a pin. You can see my album by visiting my

1 comment:

e.mel said...

So brilliant! This would be a fun project for a cupcake birthday it!

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