Wednesday, February 25, 2009

just like her mom mini scrapbook

I love the theme for this baby gift mini album scrapbook by Lindsey Macdonald . She has made a super cute mini album for a friend who will be soon welcoming a brand new baby girl into the world.
The mini is actually for the baby. The first page says "...we hope you grow up just like you mom" and is filled with quirky stories from when mom was growing up.

It made me think back to what i was like growing up.
I wonder what my daughters mini would say if someone made one for her.
First 3 things that come to mind...

  • stay away from cousins with golf clubs OR keep your cheekiness to a minimum to avoid golf balls to the forehead.
  • eat 11 weetbix a day to keep my motors fuelled and running
  • Love playing sport (eating weetbix is good for this)
What would yours say?


Tina said...

cute blog - are you highlighting blogs you love or all these your creations? Either way soe great ideas on your blog...thanks for the comment. I will visit again

lindsalita said...

-WOW- I am so flattered to see my little creation somewhere else on the internet. My co-worker loved the book and said it was a tie for her favorite gift. Thanks again for the feature, it's an honor!

Lindsay Bateman said...

Thank you so very much for your very sweet compliment! I adore your blog, what an amazing place of inspiration and creative goodness.:) I will be stopping by often.

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