Friday, February 15, 2008

Altered Clipboard Tutorial

Finally posted altered Clipboard tutorial on Scrapbook Crazy. I had left it half finished for soooo long.... Story of my life i think. Can't wait until akw is finally in school so that we can gift one to her more year to go. All you need to make this little sucker is a clipboard (masonite or otherwise) some paint, scrapbooking papers and a few chipboard letters. easy peasy.This is a clipboard that Kel made. Not sure where mine are... misplaced in the move. Kel made this one so that she can exchange the photo every so often rather than sticking the photo down.

Oh well, gonna go eat some love cookies akw and i made yesterday for V'day. She was a little upset this morning because it is no longer 'happy love day' she wouldn't say valentines day for some reason, but in the end we both thought that happy love day sounds way more cuter so thats what we wrote on her handmade valentines day cards to everyone.

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