Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Scrapbook Projects

Just thought i'd visit my scrapbook projects page and check out some of the licks that I added ages ago when i first started building this site. Far out, I had forgotten I had added most of the great projects! I haven't given most of them a second thought since adding them!!
Man I have got to keep up to date with myself...does that make sense? I know what I mean any ways. Too many great projects, too little time. sigh.
I need to make some games for lil miss akw I think. I am teaching her how to play the card game 'go fish'. She's picked it up pretty good. She can already kick my butt at dominoes so it's no surprise really. I was eyeing up her dominoes just this morning. I reckon we could turn them into a cool little mini album somehow....still thinking. Im sure people make jewelery from dominoes... Can you imagine a pair of domino earings? ouch.

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