Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Friends traveling abroad

I received an email yesterday from a woman Sam, whose best friend is taking off overseas for a 2 year OE. Sam wanted some ideas for a scrapbook mini album that she is making for her friend to take with her.
First of all a mini book is a fantastic idea. It is small enough so as not to weigh you down while you're traveling. Im a kiwi expat myself so it was pretty easy to come up with a few things I would have liked to see in a mini album if some one made me one when i left nz (of course i didn't get any such album...sigh). After giving it a bit of thought here are some things I would include in a mini album I would make.

- Photos of close friends and family (pets also)
- Party shots
- Favourite hang out places and momentos from those places like match books at bars etc.
- Recipe for ANZAC biscuits
- "use only in case of an Emergency" money in the foreign currency - I adapted the idea for emergency money from the happiness kit idea. Have you ever seen a happiness kit? My friend Kelly always makes them for friends that are traveling away, they are pretty cute and cheap as chips to make.

HAPPINESS KIT (in a orgaza bag or small box)
An eraser to make your mistakes disappear.
Five cents so you can never say I'm broke.
A couple of marbles in case anyone says you've lost yours.
A rubber band to stretch yourself beyond your limits.
A piece of string to tie things together when they fall apart.
A kiss to remind you that someone cares! (a hersheys kiss)

You can find the rest here. what else would you include....

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