Wednesday, July 4, 2007

My SUPA mini album

Woohoo. Just wanted to share some SUPA love. It's a fresh out of the oven Stand Up Purse Album which I've labeled a SUPA!! I'm liking it.

A shame I don't get to keep it for myself. I made it for a chickie who has asked me to make her two mini albums. Fancy that. Me making mini albums for peoples (or peeps as my bebo buddies call em)

Hey ive just thought of a cool marketing concept I can rip off.
Here's how it'll work, We take on the biggest clunker albums we can find. Rip out the 10 leaf, screw post paging system and create unheard of pimped out masterpieces. hahaha, I crack me up. sigh.

need sleep. Check out the rest of my SUPA here


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha. Pimp my album. You may go all the way with that slogan, if you can get past trademark.
Love your site and blog.

peata said...

I wish. i googled 'pimp my' just for kicks, and found a site that is having legal dramas at the moment over trademark issues.

Ann said...

Gorgeous album!!

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