Monday, March 19, 2007

Grand Finals

We lost our grand finals for touch yesterday :( We went down 6-5 to CCs in a drop off. It was a good game. I don't think anyone in our team thought we'd even make finals - we were intended to be a social mixed team, which we were, but we happened to make our way into the finals. All in all it was a good result. Back to the local tavern after the match with a couple of the other teams for a few drinks, some bad food and a bit of socialising. Reminided me of Touch back home where it was always about the socialising 1st then the game 2nd.
Embarrased to admit that body is killing me today, i can barely walk and i ache all over!!! Anybody would think i was playing union yday... hmmm....No good.
Oh well got to get some instructions down to make an altered clip-board and maybe an explosion box today. That is if i can sit still long enough to finish them without seizing up...whinge whinge.

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