Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mini Album tutorial from Flickr

I wanted to highlight a sweet mini album tutorial that was posted tou our Flickr Mini Albums Group.  This group is just another place that we have created for visitors and mini scrapbook makers all over the world to share their passion for making mini scrapbooks.

This is a tutorial for  this sweet summer mini album created by Alexandra over at Art Scrap And More.  We have featured another of Alexandra's mini album tutorials and once again she has done a great job.
It's a simple green fabric covered mini made with products you are bound to find in your craft box at home.

summer mini album tutorial
Summer Mini Album Tutorial
You do have to pull out the sewing machine to make this mini but it will be worth the effort. So if you are after an nice mini to make for this coming summer then be sure to give this tutorial a try.

Check out the Flickr mini album group for more mini album inspiration. Why not join our little Flickr group and show us what kind of mini album you're creating.


Nika (Dominika Murníková) said...

ooooh! you have beautiful blog! :)

Monika Wright | I Love It All said...

Alexandra's work is always outstanding!

Teacher Tava said...

Your blog is great! I gladly joined it! My new blog may interest you:
Let's keep the sharing going!

Anonymous said...

Check out the mini-album I created in an altered mini metal lunchbox. Perfect for your Halloween memories. Shop for your <a href=">scrapbook supplies </a>while you are there!

James said...

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man2sting said...

Inspiring album. Everyone has uniqueness blogging and your work tickles my fancy.

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