Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mini book charms and a Dr Who - Tardis Mini Book

Found myself wanting to make a super mini album charm book, like those used in making jewelry like earings and necklaces. I have seen a few on Etsy from time to time and I even bought a set of Twilight book earrings for a die hard team Edward member.

I thought shrinki dinks might be a good medium to make the covers since I can create a decent design on the cover without having to pull out the magnifying glass or I could even print one. then I can shrink it down to size and hope they won't be too thick.  Hmmmm...... we'll see how we go.

I came across this sweet little tardis mini book on ETSY made using old school book binding techniques. It's only 1.5 x2" and has a whopping 92 pages in it. Im not the biggest Dr Who fan but even I would shell out for this cool mini. Im sure a lot of hrs went into creating it that's for sure.
It has a nice vintage and well loved feel and each of the inner pages has been aged by burning the pages and using ink.

It's still up for sale for $20 which is pretty reasonable i think, but it might not be available for long if I keep drooling over it.... look away, look away.

Tardis Dr Who Mini Book


anhesty said...

how awesome is that?!

great blog!

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Wendy said...

Very cool!

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