Friday, April 8, 2011

New mini scrapbook tutorial and new team member

Two bits of news for you all today.

The first is that we have a new mini book tutorial over at scrapbook-crazy. It's for a super mini bottle cap mini book and has been made with...yep, you guessed it...bottle tops or milk bottle lids to be more exact. Love the upcycled mini albums.

bottle cap mini scrapbookBottle cap mini album

It's has been written for us by Kerri Steward from Kerri's crafts which brings me to my second piece of news. We have a new team member, although i'm not really sure if i had a team to begin with since i was really just a solo act until now. Well whatever Scrapbook Crazy had before, it has a team now! Woohoo, so exciting.

So you will be seeing a lot more of Kerri and her fabulous crafts and tutorials around the place from now on. You can read a little bit about Kerri here as well as head over to Kerri's blog to check out some of her other crafty projects. Kerri also has an Etsy Store The Craft Stewards.


Shore Girl said...

Oh Wow -- when you say "mini" you mean MINI! These are really cute -- would be fun and simple to make!

CropaCabana said...

Cute! Like a locket, but not. :)

Lanea said...

i would really like to follow your blog but i cant see where the follow button is, greats blogs

peata said...

Hey Lanea,
i found the little follower gadget and have added it to the sidebar.
thx for letting me know :)

Anonymous said...

PUBLISHED 1998 Bottle Cap Activities : Recycled Crafts for All Ages (9780893342791): Kathy Cisneros: Books

Thank you in advance for your consideration,

Kathy Cisneros

katsky said...

So cute and adorable!

andrea said...

hey this is really a cute and adorable. i really love scrapbooks and all stuff related to it, i am a stay at home mom so i really find time to do scrapbooking. your blog is really nice. keep it up!!!

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sandeep sharma said...

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