Monday, January 12, 2009

Mini Books you can wear...On Your Ears?!!

Yep you heard right.
Rhonda from has made these outrageous itty bitty book earings and has them up for sale in her Etsy store - MyhandboundBooks where she has a tonne of hand made mini books on offer.

I asked Rhonda 'Why the earrings?' to which she replies 'The itty bitty books are a lot of fun to make. and since they aren't very practical, turning them into jewelry seems so logical! Also, being able to wear books is a thrill for book lovers who want to be able to display their passion as fashion"

I hear ya!!

Rhonda also has this teeny tiny handmade book with a brown leather cover.
If you have a mouse, a small bird or a dollhouse at home in need of a sketch book then this is the book you want. lol. so cute.


Yummers! said...

On the post below... love the little album! You wrote that you cut the page from tags. Do you remember the collection name?

The book earrings are adorable. I can think of so many people that they would make a great gift for.

peata said...

they were cosmo cricket 'dutch girl'
one 12x12 sheet with 6 double sided tags. 3"x6"

Christa said...

What a great site! THanks for the encouragement...

Edleen said...

this is adorable!!!

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