Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Daily Christmas Inspiration

Ali Edwards - mini album queen is again doin her December Daily mini album and we can all play along. It's a way to record and celebrate traditions throughout the month of december. There is also a flickr group where participants can post their stuff. Check it out for more details.


Tim Holtz is running a 12 tags of xmas. Each day he creates a fabulous (and i mean fabulous) tag with all his bits n pieces and he shows you how he does it, step by step. Truly awesome if you're keen on learning a thing or two using stamps. You can win some great prizes by leaving a comment on his blog too.


suzitee said...

Thanks for popping by....I'm so glad you did! What a fantastic and inspirational blog you have here...I plan to come back later and soak it all in :)
Have a great day

Pearl said...

Thanks for popping by !

I love the Tim Holtz mini tag series !

Nissa said...

Ooohh. more creative inspirations! Yay!

Gez said...

Great tag. :)

Thanks for the link. :)

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