Friday, May 30, 2008

yay, im back.

Have been awol for a couple of weeks due to a broken computer. But all is fixed and restored to its former glory and im back in the game. well... nearly all is restored. I haven't backed up my files since june last year and when my hard drive broke i lost every single picture that i have taken since along with a heap of other stuff but its the pics that hurt. i weep at the universe. The worst thing is i have no one to blame but myself. no worries though i have learnt my lesson...Back up! back up! back up!!!

So I spent most of today answering emails and checking out lots of entries to the mini album competition. lots of good ones there. you can see a few in the mini album gallery

I think i might spruce up the blog a little which i have been meaning to do for ages. It's weird, since my pc nearly died, i feel like my computer life flashed before my eyes and i've been given a second chance to change my ways before its too late. crazy or what! so im frantically getting on to those mundane tasks that i never got around to doing i said, crazy.

off to revamp the blog....

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