Sunday, May 4, 2008

mothers day scrapbook canvas project

mothers day is around the corner and there are some great projects out there. this mothers day scrapbook canvas by Ruth Clarke puts a different spin on flowers for mother's day. It is so cute with mesh and flowers. the colours are gorgeous and there is a touching mom quote which is bound to pull at poor ol moms heart strings. she doesn't stand a chance. I wonder if Ruth took the photo herself? You could probably find a great pic at a photo stock site or even flickr that you can print (with permission or at a cost) you can check it out over at Ruths blog. She also shows off her family tree project which would also make a fantastic mother's day gift.


Marie said...

What a lovely surprise to see my gorgeous friend, Ruthy's lo, on your blog!!! She will be thrilled. I will tell her and get her to pop in here so she can tell you whether she took the photo or whether her daughter did.

Ruthy said...

hi glad you liked my project and yes I did take the photo, it was a posy of flowers picked from our garden given to me by my daughters on day!
ruthy (aka Ruth Clarke)

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