Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter crafty project.

Well, easter is over, no more excuses for eating copious amounts of chocolate and lounging around on the couch watching tv. i swear i haven't watched so much tv in my life!! I watched an all day marathon of 'The Riches' on Sunday - the entire first series - id never heard of it before so i gave it a go - it's quite hilarious. talk about 'no life'!
I thought i might get a little scrapping in but no such luck. I did cruise by 'scrapbook cottage' in castle hill for a look see, but that was about it.
My only crafty feat on the weekend was to sew myself a new wristlet, in fact that was my only accomplishment this weekend, so sad. This is my first wristlet ever so im quite proud of it. It will likely fall apart on me and i will lose all my money but until then...
My Levis Bag
It fits quite nicely into my hand bag that i also made a little while back. I cut up a pair of Tangs old levi jeans and sewed it up in to a trendy little bag. I got the idea from another blog that i will track down again and post a link. it had a few instructions, but you just basically cut up the jeans around the butt area to the size you want and sew, easy peasy. the bag strap is taken from the seam on the leg. I hand stitched the strap to the bag bc jeans are so thick i didn't want to wreck the sewing machine.
I Found the Directions for this bag - levis jeans bag


Anonymous said...
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RAE said...

Love the jeans bag. Can you post directions? I am soooo sewing impaired LOL!

peata said...

i found the link to the instructions i loosely followed to make this bag.

recycled levis into a handbag

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