Wednesday, February 6, 2008

valentines mini book of coupons.

No mini album this Valentines Day, i will just drool over everyone elses cool little scrapbooks. All my SO is getting this year is a quick n easy love coupons card, filled with vouchers both romantic and otherwise. I think he'd appreciate the vouchers that will get him out of doing chores rather than the romantic dinner for two.... like mowing our huge backyard... I will have to think about that one a little. I might throw in a few free hugs n kisses here and there.

download this freebie here

I have included the templates to make this valentines mini book of coupons in this months newsletter which i will be sending out in a few minutes.

I found some before and after pictures of akw painting the house over the xmas break. Crazy little monkey wouldn't give up asking if she could paint. Lucky she only lasted 5 mins...



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Margaret said...

Thanks so much for the love coupon idea - I will use this for my craft class tonight! We will also be making a sealed box with a lovely verse in a heart on the front - wish I could attach a picture but I'm new to this and don't know how. Anyway the verse says:
"I made an ordinary box, as empty as can be. I filled it with a special gift and wrapped it carefully. But please don't ever open it, just leave the ribbon tied - and hold it tightly near your hear because my love for you is inside" Hope you like it!

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