Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Atiria makes her first mini book

Akw is helping me to use up a few photos too. On the weekend she made her first layout and mini book. woohoo. I had anticipated that she would want to join in the 'fun' and had pre-cropped some photos and scrap cardstock that she could use to stick to her own cardstock mini album. Once she had that gluestick in her hand there was no stopping her. Kids and glue... bad combo, although i must say she didn't make nearly as much mess as I did, im pretty bad. Once I get going you can guarantee the end result will be a nice little mini album or layout buried amongst a pile of scraps, scissors, and embellishments. My favorite saying whilst scrapping? "Now where did i put that...." It drives my friends nuts. Im like one of those weapons of mass destruction or more like a natural disaster, Hurricane Peata has struck again. sigh....
I'm sure that i'm not alone so that makes me feel a bit better, cept when it comes time to clean up...grrr.
having trouble with the pics.
will get them soon.
in the meantime you can listen to the new mac airbook tune. new soul. really cant get it out of my head, soooo catchy.

Yay, finally got the photos sorted. atirias mini book.

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