Friday, January 11, 2008

Happy New Year.

Howdy all. 3 weeks offline and im I survived without my daily internet fix i do not know. What doesn't kill ya only makes you stronger i guess.

So now i have a tonne of emails to answer and a site that is in dire need of attention.... Maybe after i have surfed the net a little.

I have received a stack of mini album entries for last months mini album competition...excellent. If memory serves me right there is still time to enter. the comp finishes on the 15th of Jan...i think. so get your entries in quick.

ok... off to find some mini album inspiration......

May the New Year bring you all
Troubles that last only seconds
Giggles that last minutes
Chuckles that last hours
Laughs that last days
Smiles that last weeks
Happiness that last months
Friendships that last years
But most of all...
LOVE that lasts a lifetime!

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