Monday, October 29, 2007

halloween paper bag album

Found this cutie on Flickr. A Spooky little halloween paper bag album with lots of pretty scrapbook embellishments everywhere.

Would love to see your spooky mini album creation or a cool mini book you have spotted surfing the net. drop us a comment here if you wanna share.

spooky paper bag album
halloween paper bag album
halloween mini album

Had to include pictures of this PUMPKIN Halloween MINI ALBUM Lira found on ETSY

It is no longer available though.


lori said...

love this!! the vintage clip art is adorable, great job!! thanks for sharing.

peata said...

i saw this neat halloween mini album at rockymountinhobbies
halloween mini album

jenni said...

This is a cute album

Lira said...

this was an album on etsy.
it is sold already though.
etsy halloween album

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