Thursday, September 6, 2007

10 good reasons to make a mini album

If you have been sitting on the make a fence for sometime now trying to decide whether or not it would be worth your while to make a mini album - let me give you ten quick reasons why you should....make one, that is.

1 Use your old patterned paper cardstock
2 Too many photos - can't scrap them all in your 12x12 album so scrap em in a mini album
3 Too few photos - Don't have enough photos for a 12x12? put em in a mini book
4 Create unique gifts for a family and friends - score brownie points with the family!
5 Quicker to make than your 12x12 layouts
6 Cheaper to make than your traditional 12x12 album
7 Good to cover an event or theme. eg. holidays, family photo shoot, xmas, birthday
8 Make use of all those lingering scrapbook supplies in your stash that you've had forever!
9 Networking - make a circle journal or join a swap and make new friends.
10 Because you can!!!

Do it. Go on and do it!

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