Friday, June 15, 2007

Book of SHE - mini album

God it's cold. Its winter again and i gotta say that while i don't mind the cold, it's quite depressing reading blogs from the other side of the globe where people are kicking their heels up beside the pool and having a barbi-q, all the fun in the sun pics have got to be the worst... Thank god im not playing footy anymore, running around for 80 mins in shorts and jersey does not sound like fun, not that they even play in the rain here in oz, rain=cancellation which is a good thing i guess.

At least we're getting a tonne of rain in all the right places. They say the hunter valley will have a bumper season next year and they wont have to worry bout getting water for the next couple of years. Bonus!!

so anyways, have you had a chance to read SHE by Kobi Yamada? It's been around forever. Heidi Swapp sourced her inspiration from the very same book. It is filled with some fantastic quotes. just perfect for a chickie mini album check it out.

Going to rug up by the fire now. just wanted to blab a little.

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